Charles Aznavour

Another protege of Edith's, Aznavour was part of a duo which, she said, wasn't going to "get him far"and suggested he break from his partner Pierre Roche. They met at Le Petit Club on Rue Panthieu, and during the ensuing conversation, Edith offered to take him to the U.S.A. - to have his "ugly" nose re-shaped as much as promoting his talent! There was no romantic involvement between them; whatever Charles might have felt for Edith, it was his talent that held her attention, not his attributes as a lover, despite an attempt to "matchmake" by Momone which she later documented in her book. He quickly found fame - as we know - and remained a life-long friend to Edith. She sang few of the songs he wrote for her, and most of those she did were for "La P'tite Lili",but they included "Il y avait" and "Plus bleu que tes yeux".

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