Marriage and Drugs

By the end of 1951 Edith had sold 5 rue Gambetta, Bois de Boulogne, moved into an apartment on Boulevard Pereire and was without a romantic interest or protege to cultivate. She was lonely, depressed and quickly took to cruising the bars of Paris for company and stimulation. In addition to the alcohol,she was injecting cocktails of morphine and cortisone - allegedly to combat the pain of recurrent bouts of rheumatism. Those around her; Momone, Aznavour, Michel Emer, were initially taken in by her rationalisation and reassurances that she was "in control" of it and wasn't addicted.


Mairie in 16th

The next man she became involved with married her. Jacques Pills was an old friend and associate who approached her with a song - Je t'ai dans la Peau. He wrote the lyrics,the music was by Francois Silly, later known as Gilbert Becaud. Edith went on to write a couple of songs with Becaud, namely "Elle a dit" and Ça guele-ça madame. Within a few months she and Pills were married at the Mairie, 16th arrondissement, Paris. It was the 29th July 1952. It was followed by a church ceremony on 20th September at the Church of Saint Vincent-de-Paul in New York. Both of them had engagements in the U.S.A. - Edith was not the only well-known French artist working there. On returning to Paris, they moved into an apartment on Boulevard Lannes - No. 67

Blvd Lannes Blvd Lannes Blvd Lannes

Edith instantly filled it with her usual life, clutter, activity and music, and, despite her good intentions, was succumbing to the temptation of the drugs more frequently. She used the same rationalisation with Jacques as everyone else. Finding excuses to drink to excess was easier - Jacques was only too happy to accompany her - and soon their antics became legendary!

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