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Professionally, Edith was going from strength to strength. Contracts for revues, concerts and recitals were being offered constantly, sometimes more than she could cope with. Henri Contet wrote some of his best songs for her at this time, often based on her colourful life.
Edith met Henri Contet when filming started on Montmartre-sur-Seine. He was employed as the film's Publicity Manager and Edith fell for him immediately. By the time the film was finished Meurisse had moved out of their apartment on rue Anatole-de-la-Forge and shortly after Edith herself moved to a place near the Bidou Bar, a favoured drinking establishment. Henri did not follow her as expected however; he was already involved with someone else and Edith resorted to flirting with other men in order to make him jealous. Her tactics were partly successful; they became lovers and Contet introduced her to a brothel proprietress named Madame Billy; Edith, running short of money, had to leave her apartment near the Bidou so rented the third floor above the brothel on the now rue Paul-Valéry, accompanied by Mômone. Contet visited regularly but still did not move in.

Friends old and new were noisily entertained regularly; as were also the Gestapo, much to the annoyance of her neighbours. Her father also reappeared and started visiting weekly to Edith's delight, but her mother's demands were less welcome. There was at least one occasion when she turned up at Edith's apartment; there were several where Edith was called to the police station because of her mother's drunken behaviour, the last time being on her death. Edith did not mourn her passing.
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